About MobFood

MobFood is a Research and Development Project that reflects the intent of several agents of the agri-food sector to address the challenges faced by the Portuguese food industry as it strives to be more competitive.
The project aims to promote new growth strategies based on the sector’s technological and innovative capacities that will lead to new products, services, processes and technologies throughout the value chain. The project’s goals will be achieved by promoting the cooperation between enterprises and research institutions in the three main areas: Food Safety and Sustainability, Food for Health and Well-being and Quality and Safe Food Production. MobFood seeks to have a food industry that manages resources efficiently and is sustainable, interlinked, transparent, resilient, safe and consumer-centric.
The MobFood consortium is led by the Portuguese Agrofood Cluster, presided by PortugalFoods, and involves 43 entities representing the Portuguese Agri-food sector. MobFood has 7 major work-packages: By-products and efficient use of resources; Sustainable Packaging; Nutrition, Health and Well-being; Food Safety and Quality; Authenticity and Traceability; Logistics: Collaborative and Sustainable Food Supply Chain; Consumer: new evaluation technologies..

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